True Grit


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True Grit

Fill yore hand, you…![198K]

What was you aimin’ at?[55K]

A rat writ, writ for a rat.[229K]

You can’t serve papers on a rat.[43K]

I always go backward when I’m backin’ away.[219K]

I ain’t had a drink since breakfast.[197K]
(We’ve been told this clip is actually from Rooster Cogburn!)

Don’t you bet your life on it.[28K]

I call that bold talk…[28K]

I was born game.[44K]

I wanted a man with grit.[40K]

The time has come for me to ride hard and fast.[27K]

You do that and I’ll kill ya.[16K]

The biggest mistake you ever made.[54K]

I never shot nobody I didn’t have to.[28K]

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