Movie Sounds


Bark like a dog for me.[50K]

Cannonball coming.[22K]

I guess we’re playin’ for keeps now.[16.5K]

How about a Fresca?[10K]

Hey, everybody, we’re all gonna get laid![22K]

I want you to kill all the gophers.[19K]

Gunga gunga da gunga.[35.5K]

Don’t you have homes?[16K]

It’s in the hole![8K]

You’re lean and you’re mean…[48.5K]

The man’s a menace![12K]

This whole place sucks![26K]

I smell varmint poontang.[19.5K]

You will receive total consciousness.[22K]

Let’s go, while we’re young![13K]

That’s the worst hat I ever saw.[46.5K]

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