The Big Lebowski


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The Big Lebowski

Sometimes you eat the b’ar…[61K]

I’m The Dude.[82K]

You got the wrong guy.[19K]

Am I wrong?[191K]

This is a bummer, man.[56K]

I’m just gonna go find a cash machine.[54K]

Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature.[164K]

He’s crackin’.[23K]

We cut off your johnson![104K]

Darkness warshed over The Dude.[195K]

I dig the way you do business, man.[27K]

Hey, at least I’m housebroken.[35K]

It don’t matter to Jesus.[31K]

Do you like sex?[105K]

Do I make myself clear?[118K]

That and a pair of testicles.[173K]

A world of pain.[31K]

I hope you folks enjoyed yourselves.[36K]

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