Living Legends of Film


Living Legends of Film

One of the most popular topics of conversation among classic film fans concerns which actors and actresses of the classic era are still living and/or working. Of course, with each passing year, more actors grow older and become “classics,” so we’re unlikely to run out of them. However, the key issue here has to do with those actors who were active during the Golden Age of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Thus the concern about promoting lifetime achievement awards for actors such as Maureen O’Hara. It isn’t so much a matter of morbid curiosity as it is a desire to see worthy people receive the acclaim they deserve. The ages listed are mostly correct as of last December, when I did a major update. (I make updates when required to remove names of people who’ve died, but there will sometimes be people listed who should not be; this does not mean that we don’t know they have died, but only that this page is not automatically updated.) With one or two exceptions, the minimum age for inclusion on this list is 65. In some cases, which have been noted, actors were included who will reach 65 during the current year.

(NOTE: As time goes on, people pass away, unfortunately. I’ll try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, but cannot do it on a daily basis. If you do see someone listed here who should not be, please email me and let me know. It was probably not intentional, but merely an oversight. I’ll also accept suggestions for names which could be added to the list. I normally update the ages each December or January, so they may be a year off one way or the other. Some of the more recent additions have the birth year instead of the age so that they do not need to be updated every year.)

Julie Adams (84) (Also known as Julia Adams, Betty Adams)
Lola Albright (86)
Jane Alexander (1939)
Woody Allen (76)
Ursula Andress (76)
Julie Andrews (76)
Carroll Baker (80)
Diane Baker (73)
Kaye Ballard (85)
Brigitte Bardot (77)
Joanna Barnes (77) (appeared in both versions of The Parent Trap
Kathryn Beaumont (73) (the voice of “Alice”)
Harry Belafonte (84)
Richard Benjamin (73)
Polly Bergen (81)
Turhan Bey (89)
Richard Beymer (73)
Theodore Bikel (87)
Honor Blackman (84)
Claire Bloom (80)
Ann Blyth (83)
Pat Boone (77)
Ernest Borgnine (95)
Peter Breck (83)
May Britt (77) (Swedish actress who married Sammy Davis Jr.)
Mel Brooks (87)
Dora Bryan (87)
Carol Burnett (79)
Frank Cady (96) (only actor to play regulars on three sitcoms at the same time)
Michael Caine (79)
Michael Callan (77)
Joseph Campanella (79)
Mary Grace Canfield (85) (debuted as Aunt Polly’s housekeeper inPollyanna)
Claudia Cardinale (73)
Harry Carey Jr. (90)
Mary Carlisle (99) (B movie actress who retired in 1943)
Leslie Caron (80)
Carleton Carpenter (85) (actor, composer, author)
Diahann Carroll (75)
Wally Cassell (96)
George Chakiris (77)
Marge Champion (92)
Carol Channing (91)
Barrie Chase (78) (later Fred Astaire dance partner)
Julie Christie (70)
Petula Clark (79)
Phyllis Coates (85)
Cora Sue Collins (84) (Child star who retired at 18)
Joan Collins (78)
Mike Connors (86)
Sean Connery (81)
Tim Conway (78)
Ben Cooper (81) (Western supporting actor)
Mara Corday (82)
Roger Corman (85)
Valentina Cortese (87) (Italian actress best known for supporting role in Day For Night)
Jerome Courtland (85)
Peggy Cummins (86)
Arlene Dahl (83)
Vic Damone (83)
Danielle Darrieux (95)
Nancy Davis (Reagan) (90)
Doris Day (87)
Olivia de Havilland (95)
Ruby Dee (87)
Gloria DeHaven (86)
Angie Dickinson (80)
Phyllis Diller (94)
Bradford Dillman (81)
Stanley Donen (87)
Kirk Douglas (95)
Peggy Dow (82)
James Drury (1934)
Olympia Dukakis (81)
Deanna Durbin (90)
Charles Durning (89)
Robert Duvall (92)
Clint Eastwood (81)
Barbara Eden (77)
John Ericson (85)
Peggy Evans (87)
Robert Evans (81)
Nanette Fabray (91)
Albert Finney (75)
Rhonda Fleming (88)
Louise Fletcher (77)
Joan Fontaine (94)
June Foray (94) (last living member of the Golden Era animation voice actors, the voice of Rocky the Squirrel, among others)
Steve Forrest (87)
Mona Freeman (86)
Zsa Zsa Gabor (94)
Allen Garfield (73)
James Garner (83)
John Gavin (81)
Mitzi Gaynor (80)
Terry Gilliam (72)
Bruce Gordon (95) (played Frank Nitti on The Untouchables
Buddy Gorman (90) (one of the Bowery Boys, retired in 1951)
Kathryn Grant (Crosby) (78) (wife of Bing Crosby)
Lee Grant (84)
Coleen Gray (89)
Dulcie Gray (92) (English stage actress, wife of Michael Denison)
Lorna Gray (93) (also known as Adrian Booth and Virginia Pound)
Karolyn Grimes (71) (Zuzu from It’s a Wonderful Life)
Clu Gulager (84)
Gene Hackman (81)
Barbara Hale (90) (played Della Street after a long movie career)
Julie Harris (86)
Dolores Hart (73)
Tippi Hedren (82)
Gloria Henry (88) (Dennis the Menace’s mom)
Anne Heywood (79)
Darryl Hickman (80)
Dwayne Hickman (77)
Craig Hill (85)
Arthur Hiller (88)
John Hillerman (79)
Patricia Hitchcock (83) (Alfred Hitchcock’s daughter)
Dustin Hoffman (75)
Earl Holliman (83)
Celeste Holm (92)
Ian Holm (80)
Skip Homeier (83)
Robert Hooks (1937)
Sally Ann Howes (81)
Marsha Hunt (94)
Tab Hunter (80)
Martha Hyer (87)
Claude Jarman, Jr. (77) (child star of The Yearling)
Maurice Jarre (87)
Gloria Jean (85) (pretty, sweet-voiced teen star of the 40s)
Anne Jeffreys (88)
Glynis Johns (88)
Russell Johnson (87)
Dean Jones (80)
Dickie Jones (83)
Freddie Jones (84)
James Earl Jones (80)
Shirley Jones (77)
Louis Jourdan (92)

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