Film Noir/Mystery Movies


Film Noir/Mystery Movies

The art of “film noir,” from the 30s onward, plus sites devoted to mystery and detective films.

Classic Noir Online

A general site for classic era film noir fans, offering reviews, feature articles, essays, films for sale, message board, quiz, and a suggestion service for fans who aren’t sure what they’re in the mood for.

The Danger and Despair Knitting Circle Video Club

Don’t let the title fool you. This is a great resource for fans of classic film noir, focusing on trading, swaping, buying & selling Film Noir on video and 16 mm film on a non-profit, collector-to-collector basis. You’ll also find a message board and links list.

Film and Roman Noir

Subtitled “Bang! Bang! The Bullets Whizzed Past My Head,” this entertaining site by Christina Lui and Karl Hill offers separate pages on a couple dozen or so of the best noir films, as well as profiles of some of the most well known directors of noir classics and writers of noir novels.

Film Noir

The noir page from Tim Dirks’ Greatest Films site offers a definition and definitive list of classic noir films.

Film Noir, Suspense & Classic Action Movies

Articles by host Steve Badger about Alfred Hitchcock, Anthony Mann and John Sturges, among others. There’s also a nice listing of his favorite card-playing scenes in movies. (He also hosts a site devoted to poker.)

The Film Noir Readers

One of the two editors of these film noir anthologies created this site to promote the books, now up to four volumes.

The Shadows of Film Noir

An excellent four-part essay by film writer/journalist Brian W. Fairbanks, exploring the origins of the style in the 40s and 50s, and its reappearance in later films such asChinatown and Farewell, My Lovely.

The Thrilling Detective: Celluloid Eyes

The film section of Kevin Smith’s very nice hardboiled mystery Web site has lots of mystery and noir films listed. There’s even a page devoted to the Crockett novels of yours truly!

Recommended, But Without Annotations

(A temporary category so that we can add links we recommend right away without waiting for full annotations to be written.)

Film Noir Lives Here

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